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In this post we are putting the spotlight on one of our partner agencies, ProNica. ProNica’s strongest focus is on women’s health, including services for victims of domestic violence. In particular, two organizations, long term partners of ProNica include:

Acahualt Women’s Center: Located in Managua’s poorest neighborhood on the edge of the city dump, the Acahualt Women’s Center, in addition to women’s health services, provides victims services in an integrated approach. They have a psychologist on staff to see victims (mostly women and children), as well as a doctor and lawyer who gives legel council and support. The Acahual Women’s Center is part of a NIcaragua-wide alliance called the Network of Women Against Violence (Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia). They are now in the process of building a unique and much-needed shelter in Managua made up of 8 houses within an enclosed compound where women will be able to stay with their families, including older children.

The Domestic Violence Network of Rio Blanco “Edma Maria Jarquín”: Named after a beloved teacher from the rural community of Rio Blanco who was murdered by her husband after having reported domestic violence abuses, this organization is the only one of its kind providing victim services to women in this region. They work in conjunction with the local police, and are housed inside a women’s agricultural cooperative to which the four founding women and leaders belong. While they have accompanied victims for many years, the network is now in the process of building a small women’s shelter to offer a place for women escaping violence to find safety.

For more information on ProNica, you can visit their website by clicking here.

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