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Collaboration of existing organizations is vital in breaking the Cycle of Abuse. All of these organizations are looking to expand their community focus on creating small groups to educate and empower women who live in abusive relationships.



MariadellosAngeles FUNDACIÓN

The foundation began because of a daughter being trafficked, and the fight to get her back. The organization is known throughout the Americas for advocating in communities and to governments to end human trafficking, by convicting those responsible. To visit their website click here.


Carribean/ Limon connection

Mujeres en acción

Sonia Campbell


Costa Rica


Christ-centered ministry, which seeks to share with the guidance of the Holy Spirit the good news of love, faith and salvation through social projects and communicating the wonders that makes our Lord! To contact Combate’, click here.



logo2FUNDACIÓN RAHAB is based in Costa Rica and have for years come to the aid of victimsservicesinternational of Human Trafficking. The programs include identifying victims and offering assistance, prevention programs in schools, youth groups, a nursery, and women’s programs dedicated to restoring women back into society. To visit their website click here.


Out of the Box Construction

New-Global-Housing-logoWilliam Hoff is the inventor of an efficient, portable concrete casting system using natural materials to create low-cost housing and other structures. These structures are stronger, as well as resistant to fire, earthquakes and natural disasters so they will last for generations. The “Out Of The Box” technology is available to NGOs not only to build Safe Houses for victims of domestic violence, but train women to learn valuable construction skills to use the technology. To visit their website, click here.

P.O.Box 113 Amargosa Valley, NV 89020
Email: click here


Rostand de la Justicia / Face of Justice

a1637a_fba573a671613ffee4adda9a901725c0.png_srz_310_126_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzWe work on behalf of survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation by networking with government agencies and NGOs who share the same vision and work frontline with those vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking within the Costa Rican culture. We train individuals and groups on multi levels of service from street ministries, immediate care, networking, and advocacy. To visit their website click here.


Salvando Corazones

Salvando CorazonesSalvando Corazones is dedicated to the fight against trafficking of children into the sex industry in Costa Rica. Child survivors of commercial sexual exploitation receive education, rehabilitative services and the unconditional love and support needed to return to society.  To visit their website, click here.

303 Oakwood Place Menlo Park, California 94025
US Phone: (650) 206-5581
Costa Rican Phone: (506) 8706-6601


All Hands Ecuador

all-hands-logoAll Hands Volunteers is the world’s leading disaster relief organization powered by volunteers. Over the last ten years, we have enabled over 37,000 volunteers to donate 200,000 days impacting 500,000 people all over the globe. As our volunteers work together to rebuild hope alongside local residents and partners, communities are restored and lives are transformed.


Buddist Tze Chi Foundation Earthquake Relief

Tzu Chi is a volunteer-based organization. Today, more than 50 years since its founding, Tzu Chi has branches in 56 countries and regions, with millions of supporters and tens of thousands of certified volunteers carrying out Tzu Chi’s missions around the world.




Bambu-05 (1)CAEMBA uses  ancient  materials  such  as  Giant  bamboo  (Dendrocalamus  giganteus)  and combines  them  with resistant  high-tech elements  such  as  sun  reflective resistant  plastic.  The plastic cover  has  duration  of  between two to  three years.  It  has  white outer  face  which reflects 95%  of  solar  radiation,  and  a black  inner  surface  that  creates  shade  and  absorbs  the  energy reflected from the floor. Providing shelters for families reduces the possibility of domestic and family can be a part of this movement you going to:

Caemba Casitas Emergentes de Bambú on Facebook or Google.


Proyecto Saman

Proyecto Samán is a grassroots project focused on helping families in Canoa, Ecuador after a deadly 7.8 earthquake devastated several communities along the coast. Proyecto Samán has created a community of temporary shelters, and through training, support, and opportunities, will support people as they rebuild their businesses, homes, and ultimately, their lives.

Facebook: Proyecto Samon


Project School Supplies

project-school-supplies-logo-finalProject School Supplies exits to improve the quality and access of education for children in the marginalized rural communities of Honduras. They do this by supplying, repairing and building rural schools, and by reducing the impact of poverty related health problems that impede learning through nutrition, hygiene and health education programs.  They are a truly grassroots organization committed to community development. Especially on school building or renovation project, in Honduras. To visit their website, click here.

1011 Bancroft Street Bellingham, Washington 98225



El Pozo de Vida

A U.S. Nonprofit serving Mexico in some of the most challenging communities of Mexico. In particular a community with 5,000 prostitutes within a quarter on a mile.



Accion Ya

It is the experience pioneer in the country in crisis intervention and shelter for women at high risk for causes of violence based on their gender. The Center promotes action and equality for men and women. To visit their site Click Here.

Acociacion Movimiento de Mujeres Chinandega

251498_230986010269813_2744845_nServing their community and the surrounding communities as far as 100 kilometers away for their office in Chinandega for 25 years. They are not standing still either, and are looking to collaborate with other NGOs to create a domestic violence Safe House. To visit their Facebook page, click here.




Asociacion de Mujeres de Jalapa contra la violencia Oyanka

140325_Logo.Oyanka.144x176Great new project for a group which has been in the community for 15 years, a Radio Station dedicated to Women’s rights and health concerns. If you know of any one in the media, this would be of interest to them. The group also is providing psychologist, lawyers, social workers, and volunteer assistance for the protection of women and children. To visit their website click here.




Asociacion Projector Miriam

Asociación Proyecto Miriam para la Promoción Intelectual de la MujerAssociation contributing to the overall development of children, adolescents, young people and women with socio-educational processes aimed at empowerment, promotion, protection and fulfillment of human rights, gender equality and multiculturalism.   It is an experienced pioneer in the country in crisis intervention. To visit their site Click Here.

Calala Fundo De Mujeres

logoCalala entrega donaciones para apoyar a las iniciativas y acciones de asociaciones y grupos de base de mujeres. Calala teje redes con asociaciones, redes y empresas de mujeres en el Estado español para sensibilizar y generar recursos que son donados directamente a fondos y grupos de mujeres en América Latina, el Caribe y el Estado español. To visit their site Click Here.


Casa Alianza

Nicaragua Casa Alianza Opening Doors For Homeless YouthLa situación de vulnerabilidad y riesgo de miles de niños de la calle en Nicaragua y la necesidad de proporcionarles atención, permiten que Casa Alianza, empiece a atender a niños, niñas, adolescentes y jóvenes que dependen de la calle para su sobrevivencia. Abriendo sus puertas en el mes de Enero de 1998, Casa Alianza inicia su trabajo con un pequeño grupo de jóvenes comprometidos,I. Para visitar su sitio web Click Aquí


421769_271803306222483_1458981470_nSomos una Asociación sin fines de lucro, que vela por los derechos humanos de la mujer, niñez y adolescencia, brindando atención jurídica, psicológica así como capacitaciones en temas de Genero, Derechos humanos, etc.

Para visitar página de Facebook Click Aqui
Para contactar con ellos Clic Aquí.

Colectivo 8 Marzo

We provide information, training, counseling and quality services to women, youth and adolescents of both sexes in the knowledge of human rights with emphasis on the rights. To visit their website Click Here.

Colectivo de Mujeres ITZA


Throughout the years, Colectivo de Mujeres ITZA has placed ITZA feminist debate issues in the hands of women, through comprehensive services with medical, psychological, legal assistance as well as training and feminist community organizing, outreach and communication. “We prevent the physical, psychological, sexual and economic violence.”  We offer support in finding alternative solutions, putting your hands to improve your basic physical and emotional health tools.  To visit their website, click here.

El Ayudente Leon Nicaragua

As an inter-denominational, Christian ministry is to bring hope and change to lives and communities by providing humanitarian and spiritual aid. Our mission is in partnership with the Nicaraguan people serving closely with and under the authority of local and national government. To visit their website click here.

FundaciónCristiana Cuenta Conmigo

Fundación Cristiana Cuenta Conmigo is to develop projects that will help
the youth of Nicaragua build a better life in the fields of education, arts and culture, spiritual well-being, environmental responsibility, leadership and vocation.  To visit their website, click here.
CST 2c. al sur, 1 c. arriba, 1/2 c. al sur Managua, Nicaragua
Phone: (505) 2222-2343


Fundación Juan Pablo II

header-objectThis Foundation with assistance programs and social development’s mission is to establish job training projects aimed at mothers who are mostly heads of household as well as for pregnant women who are in financial and family helplessness. It protects and promotes love and respect for life focused on children and youth to carry them through academic preparation of elementary and secondary education. To visit their website, click here.

St. Augustine Parish in Altamira, Managua, Nicaragua
Phone: (505) 22788148


Fundación Para El Desarrollo Social De Nicaragua

Fundesonic Logo

FUNDESONIC) is a Non-Profit organization that promotes the development of the urban and rural communities in Nicaragua. Working with community leaders and individual families, we believe that safe housing for families, helps to prevent domestic violence. Any support or interest in Fundesonic can contact Osler Guillen. Facebook: Fundación para el desarrollo social de Nicaragua


Manna Project


Our model is a collaborative community-based approach to development. By working within and alongside communities, our volunteers strive to promote the success of each community while simultaneously learning from them. Our approach stresses holistic development, recognizing that the challenges facing these communities are multi-faceted. These challenges must therefore be addressed through a variety of disciplines, as well as a combination of direct service, local leadership, and broader policy change. To view their website click here.


Movimiento de Mujeres

251498_230986010269813_2744845_nOne of the leading NGOs in Nicaragua for the movement of women’s rights. International recognized for empowering, advocating and protecting women who are being abused.

To visit their Facebook page click here.



North Country Mission of Hope

ncmissionofhopeThe North Country Mission of Hope provides medical, ecological, educational and social justice programs to the poorest of the poor in Nicaragua. Our newest developing program will provide support to victims suffering from domestic violence. To visit their website, click here.

P.O. Box 2522 Plattsburgh, NY 12901, USA
Phone: (518) 561-2599



PronicaProNica is a Quaker nonprofit focused on solidarity and non-violence initiatives in Nicaragua for more than 30 years. ProNica supports the work of Nicaraguan grassroots organizations focused on women’s health, rehabilitation of street children, access to education, and sustainable agriculture. To visit their website, click here.

130 19th Avenue SE St. Petersburg, FL 33705
US Phone: (727) 821-2428
Nicaragua Phone: (505) 2266-0984
Email: Click Here


Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners of the Americas Inc.

Wisconsin Nicaragua PartnersThe Wisconsin Nicaragua Partners of the Americas help Nicaraguan women have opportunities developing sewing, cooking, baking, and carpentry skills.

The Nicaraguan participants in Learning Center classes are designed to include skill-building, personal dignity, and self-sufficiency, with a focus on employment for (rural) women and men. The program is focused on the care of families and communities,and encouraging leadership responsibilities. To view their website Click Here.



Hope Initiatives

Evelyn Martinez. FounderNew organization working to bring back Latina women who were trafficked in Red Light districts in Europe. Two safe houses will begin providing safe shelter for the women as they gain the ability to leave the country and move back to Central America.

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