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Helping Neighbors to Help Themselves

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When the earthquake hit the  Ecuadorian  coast  on  April 16th,  thousands  of  rural and  urban-rural  families  fell  immediately  into  homelessness. These  conditions  translated  into domestic and family violence,  sexual abuse, drug addiction and dependence. An amazing Ecuadorian family decided not to wait for outside assistance for their fellow Ecuadorians, and started CAEMBA. 

CAEMBA seeks  to  help  farmers,  fishermen  or  rural  and small  business  owners,  by  providing  an immediate  housing  alternative.  By  doing  so,  people will  be  able to  resume  family  life in  a  single day,  thus  returning  to a  productive lifestyle as  well  as other  family  activities.  CAEMBA  homes can  be  assembled  in hours  with the  applied  labor  of  four  to  six  local  people and supervision  of a trained person.

 CAEMBA uses  ancient  materials  such  as  Giant  bamboo  (Dendrocalamus  giganteus)  and combines  them  with resistant  high-tech elements  such  as  sun  reflective resistant  plastic.  The plastic cover  has  duration  of  between two to  three years.  It  has  white outer  face  which reflects 95%  of  solar  radiation,  and  a black  inner  surface  that  creates  shade  and  absorbs  the  energy reflected from the floor. As a result, the inside of our homes remains cool and fresh.  The  modular  design of the homes are being used  for  schools,  mobile hospitals,  kitchens,  etc.  This initial  structure  gives people immediate  protection  against  rain and  insects  and allows  safe collection of rainwater.

What better way for VSI to protect women and children than to join with CAEMBA in providing shelter for the homeless.

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